Plymouth University PhD student in Computational Modelling and Robotics. University of Plymouth (UK).
Implementing social skills in humanoid robots using machine learning algorithms.
Supervisors: Angelo Cangelosi, Torbjorn Dahl, Giorgio Metta

Eurolink Systems Artificial Intelligence specialist. Eurolink Systems group (Rome, Italy).
Autonomous control for unmanned ground vehicle and unmanned aerial vehicle.

LARAL Rome Internship. Laboratory of Artificial Life and Robotics (LARAL). Rome (Italy).
Artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms in evolutionary robotics.

La Sapienza University MSc Cognitive Neuroscience. La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy).
Supervisors: Stefano Puglisi Allegra, Domenico Parisi, Gianluca Baldassarre

La Sapienza University BSc Experimental Cognitive Psychology. La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy).
Supervisors: Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Valerio Santangelo

Recent Activity

Completed Machine Learning class

Completed the Coursera Machine Learning class (Andrew Ng) with 100% final score [link]

Hackathon: Robots at your Service

We represented Plymouth University at the Hackathon "Robots at your Services" in Amsterdam.

NVIDIA academic hardware grant

I received a Tesla K40 GPU in support of a project on gaze detection through convolutional neural networks.

The Robot Sawyer

The robot Sawyer of Rethink Robotics has been visiting Plymouth University.

HRI Summer School

Partecipating to the 2nd summer school in Human Robot Interaction. Aland Islands (Finland).

Live demo at Devonport Naval Heritage

Introducing NAO and iCub at Devonport Naval Heritage Centre.


Patacchiola, M., & Cangelosi, A. (2016). A Developmental Bayesian Model of Trust in Artificial Cognitive Systems. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob-2016). [PDF]

Zanatto, D., Patacchiola, M., Goslin, J., & Cangelosi, A. (2016). Priming Anthropomorphism: Can the credibility of humanlike robots be transferred to non-humanlike robots?. In The Eleventh ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interation (pp. 543-544). IEEE Press. [PDF]

Paglieri, F., Parisi, D., Patacchiola, M., & Petrosino, G. (2015). Investigating intertemporal choice through experimental evolutionary robotics. Behavioural processes, 115, 1-18. [PDF]