I am a Postdoctoral researcher in the Machine Learning Group at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of prof. Amos Storkey. Previously I have been an intern at Snapchat supervised by dr. Edward Rosten (inventor of the FAST algorithm), and a PhD student in robotics and machine learning at Plymouth University with prof. Angelo Cangelosi and Giorgio Metta. I am particularly interested in Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, and I am currently working on efficient learning (few-shot) integrating deep neural networks with Bayesian methods. In my opinion the brain is a complex and fascinating piece of meat that cannot be explained without an interdisciplinary approach. For this reason I studied machine learning, robotics, neuroscience and psychology. My long term goal is to add some pieces to the puzzle :-) You can find a short curriculum on my personal page and an update list of my publications on my Google Scholar page.