Edinburgh. Senior Postdoctoral Researcher. University of Cambridge, Machine Learning Group.
EPSRC grant "Machine Learning for Tomorrow" (in collaboration with Microsoft Research).
Supervisor: Richard Turner

Edinburgh. Postdoctoral Researcher. University of Edinburgh, Machine Learning Group.
Few-shot learning with Deep Kernels in Gaussian Processes (in collaboration with Huawei).
Supervisor: Amos Storkey

Snap Inc. Research Intern in the Camera Platform team. Snapchat (London, UK).
Disentangling latent representations in deep autoencoders.
Supervisors: Patrick-Fox Roberts, Edward Rosten

Plymouth University PhD in Machine Learning and Robotics. University of Plymouth (UK).
Implementing social skills in humanoid robots using machine learning techniques.
Supervisors: Angelo Cangelosi, Torbjorn Dahl, Giorgio Metta

Eurolink Systems Robotics engineer (R&D Skunkworks). Eurolink Systems group (Rome, Italy).
Autonomous control of unmanned ground/aerial vehicles (UGVs/UAVs) in critical applications such as search-and-rescue, patrolling, and bomb disposal.

LARAL Rome Internship. Laboratory of Artificial Life and Robotics (LARAL). Rome (Italy).
Artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms in evolutionary robotics.
Supervisor: Domenico Parisi

La Sapienza University MSc Neuroscience. La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy).
Supervisors: Stefano Puglisi Allegra, Domenico Parisi, Gianluca Baldassarre

La Sapienza University BSc Experimental Cognitive Psychology. La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy).
Supervisors: Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Valerio Santangelo

Recent Activity

First-author paper accepted at NeurIPS 2022

My first-author paper on a fast and efficient adaptation mechanism for few-shot learning has been accepted at NeurIPS 2022 [arXiv]

Joining the University of Cambridge

I am joining the Machine Learning Group at the University of Cambridge, working with Prof. Richard Turner and Microsoft Research.


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